Monday, July 27, 2009

I wanted to share these beautiful photos of a bride that I did this spring. This is a great example of a gorgeous updo that still looks soft and relaxed. The bride brought me a photo of a style she had done previously that she liked which inspired me to do this style. I used a technique that I learned at a class I took with world renowned stylist Vivienne MacKinder. If you love this style and would like something like it, you can contact Camilla at 208-331-9113 for a consultation for your wedding. Thank you Kristi Sheriff Photography for these amazing photos.


Meet Camilla.

Camilla Orosco is a Boise-based stylist, educator for Mirabella Cosmetics, Emissary for Artease Colors, and make-up artist specializing in customized designs for brides, bridal parties, and any individual wanting to look their very best. Camilla's styles are tailored to the unique desires, personalities, and natural beauty of each client, no matter the cause for celebration.

Camilla's education began at Portland State University, where she studied graphic design. After transferring to Oregon State University, Camilla graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication and an option in Theater Performance. It was her experience in theater that led her to the field of cosmetology. Camilla found cosmetology to be the perfect blend of her artistic talents, education, and her passion for working with people. She became a fully licensed cosmetologist in the state of Idaho and has practiced for several years. Camilla has trained with some of the top artists in her industry including Vivienne MacKinder and Gerd Hoher. She continues to learn and grow in her field and looks forward to developing her skills as a stylist and makeup artist.